Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Monday, October 23, 2017

Back to Distillation at Hemingway Rum Company

Rum Coming out of the Condenser
     After nearly six weeks since Irma struck Key West, the Hemingway Rum Company will be
distilling today.  Guests that would like to see the distillery in operation, today is the day.  There will be tours of the distillery, plus the tasting room and and gift shop will be open for your pleasure.

    The fermentation is ready and the equipment has been thoroughly checked over and ready to produce rum again.  We will be doing a stripping run tomorrow which distills the alcohol and the tails from the wash.  There will be two stripping stripping runs before the refining rum that bring the rum to the proper proof and cleanliness.

The Still
     If you have an interest in how distilling works and see the wash become rum, today is the day to come to the distillery.  Our tour guide will explain what is happening as the distillation progresses and the rum makes will be able to share what is happening as well.

     Looking forward to seeing many of you who are at the distillery tomorrow to experience the process first hand.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Power That Mother Nature Possesses is NO JOKE

     This is a 40 plus foot boat that weighs in excess of 30,000 pounds was tossed into the mangroves is a matter of seconds as the waves from the area around the eye came aground here in the Bahia Honda Marina.

     People sometimes scoff at the power of the sea, but when she gets riled up, she can adn does a tone of damage and nothing seems to be able to stop her when she hits.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stress Relief, a Day on the Water with Our Friends

     Finally, We got out on the boat for a trip to Bahia Honda and Little Palm Island.  The was a ton of damage to both of our favorite places and things are moving ahead in both places to get them back into operation.

Beautiful day on the Water
    For our "Camper" Lil Sanity, this is the first time back on the water since Irma.  The waters were off limits for a couple of weeks or so after Irma and it took a while for the marina to get its fork lifts going again and have the buildings checked for security by the structural engineers.  The wait is over and Marta and I and our friends Don and Patti made a day of being on the water.

South Shoreline of Big Pine
     Seeing the devastation from Sugarloaf to Bahia Honda was very sad.  The houses, trees, plants all gone where just 6 weeks ago was lush vegetation and beautiful homes.   The brown bushes and trees where the leaves were striped by the monstrous winds and tornado's that lashed through this area.

Little Bahia Honda Before
Little Bahia Honda After

     The little island to the south of the Bahia Honda Bridge is virtually gone, there is just one little stick of a tree left on it.

Captain Run Aground's Boat
Bahia Honda Marina Entrence
    The park is bald, with the exception of a few palm trees and other odd trees.  They say that the park
Little Palm Island Docks
will reopen by the end of October, and the marina hopefully by Thanksgiving.  A captain had brought his boat into the marina just as the storm was hitting and ended up on the sidewalk next to the moorings in the marina.

Little Palm Island Resort
     Little Palm Island is in a similar state of  devastation.  The buildings, docks and the grounds were a mess, but like Bahia Honda they were being restored.  There were workers cleaning up the mess and starting to rebuild the resort.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Believe it or Not, Fantasyfest is Ready to Begin in Key West

     Looking back six weeks or so you would never believe that Key West would be ready to invite
thousands of people down her to celebrate Fantasyfest Week, but here we are!!!  The place is ready and the party is going on as planned.   Today kicks the week plus off with Goombay Festival in Bahama Village and the party keeps going until a week from Saturday when it culminates with the Fantasyfest parade.  The schedule for the entire week is at the website.  


    The Bahama Village Goombay Festival is a free family-friendly event! Held in Key West’s historic Bahama Village neighborhood, the lively Goombay is known for its island-style food, arts and crafts, nonstop live entertainment and dancing in the streets. Visitors can experience sights, sounds and flavors recalling Key West’s Bahamian heritage.

     “This exuberant street party showcases island arts and
crafts, music and food in the heart of Key West’s historic Bahama Village neighborhood. The festival’s main entertainment stage is located at the corner of Petronia and Fort streets on Truman Annex, and features nonstop musical entertainment ranging from gospel to reggae. This family friendly street party continues on Saturday! Noon to midnight; FREE.”

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bahama Bob is Giving it a Try, My Own Rum Blend

     Seeing that there are a lot of bars and mixologists that have been creating their own personal blend, I thought about it and here it is.  This is a blend of unflavored or spiced rums that I like for their flavors,mouth feel and color. 
     I spent a fair amount of time trying many, many rums is twos and threes to see how they worked together.  Then I started blending these groupings together and finally I got the flavor and color that I was looking for. 
     Once I got this blend together I put in the test tube and checked the proof, which ended up being 98 Proof ABV.  For me this is a good number to keep the flavor bold and the colors will be nicer after it spends time maturating in my three-liter cask on the aft deck to the boat.  I put up 2 ½ liters of my blend so I will have enough to be able to sample it from time to time as it matures.
     I’ll be sure and keep everyone abreast of how it is progressing from time to time.  I don’t really know how this is going to turn out, but everything that I have aged in these barrels on the back of the boat have yield very good results.

Bahama Bob’s Private Blend
  • Panama Red
  • Damoiseau Agricole
  • Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof
  • Doorly’s XO
  • Mazan Guyana 2005
  • Smith & Cross
  • Cartavio Black Barrel
  • Seven Fathoms Rum

I have put equal amounts of each of these rums into the blend.  Initially it had a very nice flavor and the color, a light mahogany hue.  Let follow this project and have some fun tasting it as it progresses.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cruzan Distillery in St. Croix has the Rum Flowing Again

The Rum is Pouring out of Cruzan Again

Aging Warehouse With Barrels in Good Shape
   The Cruzan Rum distillery has resumed rum production following a temporary shutdown due to the impact of Hurricane Maria, the company announced Monday.  While the distillery suspended operations for approximately three weeks due to storm damage, Cruzan completed critical repairs and does not expect any supply disruptions in the marketplace.  Some of the company’s aging warehouses sustained damage, Cruzan’s maturing rum barrels were not impacted.   Previous investments to establish the distillery’s own power generation facility enabled the timely resumption of rum production. 

Cruzan Distillery on St. Croix
     “Cruzan’s roots are wide and deep in the United States Virgin Islands and Cruzan family have been engaged from the start in support of our employees and neighbors in the territory during this incredibly challenging time,” said David Hunter.   “Our first priority was to establish the safety and well being of our employees, and to help them get back on their feet. We airlifted in 35 restoration workers with necessary equipment and supplies to help get the distillery back up and running safely.   In partnership with our friends at Diageo, we teamed up to ship to St. Croix a container of relief supplies, including 90 generators and drinking water.  Thanks to the courage, character and commitment of our Cruzan team, led by Master Distiller Gary Nelthropp, our people are looking ahead and helping contribute to the long-term recovery of the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Creating Your Own Personal Rum Blend

     For many years now I have played with different means of aging and blending rums to create new and fun rums.  After reading and interesting article of how some bars have made a priority blend for their customers from existing expressions gave me an idea.  People have asked me for years what was my favorite rum, and my glib answer has always been “the one I have in my hand”.  I think that it is time for me to put some of my skills together and make up a blend that truly suits my palate and share it with my closest friends.
     I have done some experimenting in this vein when I was at the Rum Bar in Key West.  I had my “Root Juice”, “Bark Juice” and Barrel Juice” that took high proof rums and let them age in different things in a gallon jug for the customers to try.  These became very popular among the clientele, but I think that it is time for me to get a bit more serious about blending a special expression to put my name on.
     For most of us like rum more than anything else, It’s the spirit with the widest range of characteristics, styles, that come to us from so many regions of the world. 
After tasting hundreds and hundreds of rums produced all over the world, I’m going to try and narrow it down to seven or eight that will generate different characteristics to fit my personal palate.  Arriving at the final recipe will take some time experimenting with many of my 300 or so rums, but when I decide on a final blend, I will be putting into my three-liter cask and let it age as a until it matures to the taste I’m looking for.

     This is something that anyone with a taste for rum can do, you just have to be willing to put in the time to work with all of the expressions that you have available to you and in what proportions you want them.